MADECDC Small Business Relief Programs


Offered in partnership with the City of Mason, this program is intended to provide up to $3,500 in cash to Mason small businesses in exchange for 50% off stimulus vouchers to that business for future use. The City of Mason has allocated $160,000 in funds for this program.

Relief Program Particulars

Businesses who apply for this program will receive a direct cash award of up to $3,500. The amount of the award will be determined based on review of all applications and dependent on the number of applications received.  The MADECDC will produce the same value as the cash award in 50% off “stimulus vouchers”, redeemable exclusively for purchases of goods and services at your business. The City of Mason will distribute these stimulus vouchers directly to Mason residents.  As a result of your participation in this program, receipt of the maximum award of $3,500 will generate $7,000 of revenue to your business, upon redemption of the stimulus vouchers. See example in FAQ #1 listed below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • No requirement to be a MADE Chamber member.

  • The business must be a small business within the City of Mason limits.

  • The business must be open to the public or have been open to the public the week preceding Ohio's Stand in Place Order, with regular business hours (March 15 for food and beverage businesses and March 19 for remaining businesses) .

  •  The business should be a direct sales, consumer-based business, such as those that rely on walk-in customer activity, such as restaurants, salons/barbershops, retail shops and breweries/bars. Program not available to corporate franchise ownership.

  • The business shall be in compliance with all City Ordinances and in good standing with the City of Mason.

  • The business shall have 50 employees or less.

Deadline to apply:
Applications being accepted from May 19 – May 26 @ 11:59pm.

A Selection Committee comprised of volunteer business and community leaders, as well as a representative from the City of Mason, will review the applications and determine the fund allocations. All members have signed a NDA form.

The City has a strong commitment to a culture of wellness and has dedicated over $2 million to the economic health and recovery of Mason’s small businesses through a number of Small Business Recovery Programs.  The City and MADECDC relief funding program is just one mechanism.  Mason’s small businesses are encouraged to check out additional programs at


City of Mason and MADECDC

Small Business Recovery Initiative Program

Frequently asked questions for City of Mason/MADECDC Small Business Recovery Initiative Program

What will the value of the vouchers being given to my business be?

This will be customized to your business based on the average consumer transaction provided on your application (for example: if your average transaction is $20, the voucher could be for $40 with $20 awarded to you now and $20 coming to your business at time of redemption).

Can the voucher be used more than once?

NO – this voucher is a one-time use card.

Where do I turn in redeemed vouchers?

You do not need to return the redeemed vouchers, but once redeemed, you will need to visit to complete the redemption form for tracking purposes or contact the MADECDC at to let them know how many vouchers were redeemed and on what date.

What if I forget to turn in the redemption values and information?

The MADECDC will send you a bi-weekly reminder to complete the redemption forms.

How much will it cost me to be a part of this program?

There is no cost to be a part of the program beyond the cost of goods and services stated on the voucher value.

Where does the value of the voucher come from?

50% of the card will be paid to you up front in the form of a check from the MADECDC and 50% of the card will be paid to you at the time of redemption by the consumer, resulting in the full revenue value stated on the card.

What will a voucher look like?

What do you mean by "immediate award?"

The immediate award is equivalent to the first 50% of the voucher revenue. The second 50% of the voucher revenue will come to your business at time of consumer redemption.

Is this a gift card program?

This is a stimulus voucher program. We wanted to support all small businesses who meet the criteria, regardless of whether they accept gift cards or not. The MADECDC will purchase half of the value of the stimulus voucher values up front, and the other half will come from consumers at the time of redemption. For example, if your business were to receive $1,000 in awards through this program, you will receive $1,000 now from the MADECDC and $1,000 at the time of redemption of the cards. $1,000 AWARD – CASH NOW in exchange for vouchers $1,000 VOUCHERS - $2,000 value purchase required from customer; $1,000 discount from the business (voucher redemption) TOTAL CASH TO BUSINESS = $2,000 in revenue ($1,000 AWARD NOW + $1,000 CUSTOMER PAYMENT AT TIME OF REDEMPTION You will receive the additional revenue at the time of redemption unlike other traditional gift cards which may have revenues realized at time of gift card purchase and not at redemption, or vice versa.

Who will receive these vouchers?

The MADECDC will be developing the vouchers and delivering them to the City of Mason. The City of Mason will have sole disretion on who to give them to, when to give them out, and how to give them out. We recommend contacting the City of Mason at 513-229-8500 with questions on redemption.


Pay It Forward MADE Grant Program

Pay It Forward MADE Grant Program

The MADECDC has formed an emergency relief funding process aiming to allocate funds to help mitigate COVID-19 related financial losses that Mason area businesses have suffered.  Additional follow up according to specific programs may be necessary.  Funding for this program has been donated by residents and businesses who support Mason and Deerfield small businesses.


Through these programs, the MADECDC seeks to make grants and funding available to Mason area small businesses to enable continuity through and/or beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Mason or Deerfield business employing no more than 50 employees prior to February 29, 2020 (some programs may be specific to municipality and would exclude your business from eligibility).

  • Must be a brick and mortar business.

    • ​The business must be open to the public, or have been open to the public the week preceding Ohio’s Stand in Place Order, with regular business hours.

    • Preference will be given to for-profit, consumer-based businesses, such as those that rely on walk-in customer activity, like restaurants, salons/barbershops, retail shops and breweries/bars.

    • Preference will also be given to locally owned businesses.

  • Must be current in all local, state and federal obligations (taxes, assessments, etc.).

  • Must be impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Relief Program Particulars

  • Award may not be used for capital expenses or payment of taxes or assessments. 

  • Award amount will be determined against critical need and available funding.

  • The business will aver that awarded funds will be used primarily for maintaining operations or reopening business (such as payroll, utilities, loan repayments, rent, PPE, etc.)

  • The business will aver that it is currently active, lawful, and has all necessary and required licenses and registrations.

  • The business cannot be a direct sales company (i.e., selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment).

  • The business will aver to report how the funds have helped the business and to what purposes the funds were applied.

Deadline to apply:

Round Two CLOSED: Application window open from May 12  @ 12pm - May 15, 2020 @ 11:59pm. 

Round One CLOSED: Application window open from April 23 - April 27, 2020.  

A Selection Committee comprised of volunteer business and community leaders will review the applications and determine the fund allocations. A copy of the NDA signed by all members affiliated with these grant programs is included here.


Pay It Forward Grant Funding

Should a business receive a grant through the crowdfunding campaign, "Pay it Forward MADE," the business will aver that, should it return to or maintain prosperity, it will use its best efforts to contribute to the Pay It Forward Fund in an amount equal to the grant it received. The funds will be created and administered by the MADE CDC to assist area businesses in future economic emergencies. This is a fund separate from MADE CDC general operations.

All funds raised through our crowdfunding effort will be allocated to local businesses in need, with the exception of the fees collected by PayPal and Donorbox.  The MADECDC will not retain any of the funds raised for operations.  


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